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General Information

The Vision

The vision of Akyem Kotoku Royals FC is focused on developing the fundamental structures that will enable the football club to grow and perform at the highest achievable standard firstly in Ghana football and ultimately African football. The realisation of the vision will be dependent on achieving success in all national competitions whilst enhancing the football clubs’ international reputation.

The vision is underpinned with a four-year development strategy designed to drive progress and steer focus. The development strategy sets out a four-year incremental program that directs the accelerated growth of Akyem Kotoku Royals FC with the objective of making the football club financially independent, commercially sustainable, integration of supporters & community, operational excellence and centre of footballing excellence.


The Development Goals

Akyem Kotoku Royals FC development goal will focus on establishing sustainable partnerships with international football teams and academies to enhance the clubs technical, talent & operational capabilities.

Akyem Kotoku Royals FC development goals will equally drive innovative initiatives to help address social-economic needs in the local community, mainly Akyem Kotoku and environment. The football club will introduce intervention programs support local health, well-being and education interventions.

The overarching vision & goals defines Akyem Kotoku Royals FC core objectives for the next four years:

  • Financial Growth
  • Development of Footballing Talent
  • Community Inclusion
  1. Financial Growth:

Steps will be taken to implement financial management structures to support a sustainable income generation program. Fundamentally, the football club will be run as a business with appropriate budgetary controls and a sustainable corporate governance framework.


 Development of Footballing Talent:

An executive management board will be established to drive focus on building a highly competitive senior men team supported with the highest standards in technical coaching, facilities, and sports science tools. Akyem Kotoku Royals FC senior team will be fully equipped to consistently compete for domestic trophies.


Sustained success is critical for the longterm growth of the football club, the executive management board will therefore apply significant focus on a comprehensive and robust youth development program by establishing the Akyem Kotoku Royals Football Development Centre (Akyem Kotoku Rush Academy Foundation) covering both boys at Under 15 & Under 17 levels. To facilitate constant flow of talent, local satellite teams will be established at Under 13 level.


The Kotoku Royals Football Development Centre (Akyem Kotoku Rush Academy Foundation) will apply emphasis on developing the highest quality of football talent so that Akyem Kotoku Royals FC teams will continuously benefit from consistent supply talented footballers, with the target of achieving a minimum of 75% of senior team players raised directly from Akyem Kotoku Rush Academy Foundation.


Women Football has gained great prominence in world football, it is therefore important that Akyem Kotoku Royals FC plays a significant part in the development women football and female empowerment firstly in the local region i.e. Akyem Kotoku and ultimately nationally in Ghana. Kotoku Royals Football Development Centre (Akyem Kotoku Rush Academy Foundation) will develop girls U15 & U17 teams which will provide the avenue for women football development in the region.



By expanding Akyem Kotoku Royals FC reach to cover youth and women football the platform will be created to promote football at grassroot level across the community, and opportunities will be created for all young people to progress to the levels reflective of their abilities.


Community inclusion:

To establish Akyem Kotoku Royals FC as the heartbeat of the Akyem Kotoku community, with the primary aim of developing the football club so that the community will be proud to be associated with the football club.


To achieve the core objectives of the strategy, focus will be applied to five priority areas:

  • Establish Akyem Kotoku Royals Fan Base
  • Talent Development
  • Development of Facilities
  • Operational Excellence
  • Financial Growth

Our Core Values

Our core values are directly linked to our vision, fuel our passion to keep focused on our membership, shape the way we work with our customers, and drive our decision-making process.
We Shall:

  1. Promote a healthy, safe and fun playing environment.
  2. Ensure a dependable, accountable and caring organisation.
  3. Build character through a focus on fair play and good sportsmanship.
  4. Promote integrity, high ethics and moral standards.
  5. Provide inclusive opportunities for everyone to participate.
  6. Encourage teamwork, leadership, respect and family values in the game for all players.