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Club Profile

Kotoku Royals Rush Soccer Club vision is focused on sports development that would significantly uplift talented yet deprived children across Ghana to accomplish objectives of becoming professional footballers who would in their own modest ways, contribute towards the improvement of their social and economic lives and those of their dependents as well as their communities.


Kotoku Royals Rush Soccer Club recruit talent from across the country, we apply special focus on enthusiastic young people who have the attributes and passion to play football and obtain the highest professional standards. Our footballers are enrolled into boarding and lodging facilities where they are educated and trained by renowned coaches and technical experts. Our objective focus is to use the game of Football to support needy, illiterate, socially disoriented, and economically displaced young people across Ghana.


Our efforts would invariably support major initiatives by global bodies such as FIFA, United Nations and the Commonwealth Organisation in achieving major humanitarian goals aligned to poverty reduction, employment, improved literacy and crime reduction.

Our Supporters Base


Akyem Kotoku Traditional Area is one of the Divisions of the Akyem State in the Eastern Region of Ghana together with Birim and Kibi. Akeym Oda is the traditional capital and the seat of power of the Kotoku Division. 

The recent splendid performances of Kotoku Royals FC on and off the field, is gradually expanding the support base of the Club. This growing support base is extending into many communities within the Akyem State, especially for people and communities within the Akyem Kotoku Traditional Area.

Currently the performance of the club is already projecting KRFC Academy as a team demonstrating the typical traits of a Traditional Football Club which has active and unwavering supporters. 

In addition to the current growing support base, the Traditional Authorities of Akyem Kotoku Traditional Area, and other prominent individuals, organizations and others within the surrounding communities, have also been patronizing KRFC Academy especially the senior team, as the emerging indigenous Akim Oda team capable of achieving honourable and pacesetting credentials.  

At present, plans are well in place to give a substantial percentage of shares of the Club to the Traditional Leadership, so that they can also contribute to the sustainable development of KRFC.   The Founder, who is also a member of the Akyem Kotoku Royal Family together with the entire management team, is confident that the already existing growing bonds between the Leadership of the Akyem Kotoku State people and KRFC Academy will promote the growth and development of the Academy.

Achievements & Successes

KRFC has achieved a number of remarkable successes. These include the following;

Currently, KRFC senior team is the first football team to qualify to play the highest professional league such as the National 1st Division League from Akim Oda area over two decades.