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The Academy

The vision is to engage in a scheme that would significantly uplift talented yet deprived kids in various parts of the country from their currently challenging environments through the sport of football, into fully accomplished professionals who would in their own modest ways, contribute towards the improvement of their social and economic lives and those of their dependents as well as the larger deprived communities they come from.

This is planned to be achieved through the establishment of Kotoku Rush Football Academy  whose main Terms of Reference would be to scout and recruit from various areas of the country, enthusiastic kids who have the attributes of potentially good footballers. They would be enrolled into boarding and lodging facilities of the academy where they would be groomed, educated and trained by experts, in the various Ethical professional disciplines of Football.

The objective here would be to use the game of Football to help the needy, illiterate, socially disoriented, and economically displaced youth in various sections of the Ghanaian society into useful citizens whose productivity as Professional Footballers, would contribute towards the eradication of various forms of socio-economic vices in the society and bring about a mechanism of steadily and exponentially improving the quality of life in various deprived communities in the country.

This effort would invariably support major initiatives by the Ghanaian Government, world bodies like the United Nations and the Commonwealth Organisation in achieving major humanitarian goals such as Reduction in Youth unemployment, Crime Prevention among  the Youth, significant reduction in Illiteracy rates and a positive fight  against the abuse and use of Illicit drugs in the Communities

The main factors that motivated the promoter to develop this concept stems from:

  1. It has been the Moral and Social commitment of this concept to contribute its quota to the National Development of Ghana, by helping to execute a scheme which would harness the natural potentials/talents in street kids and a critical mass of needy kids of the country. This is firmly believed would in diverse ways assist in poverty alleviation within various segments of society.
  2. The emerging statistical trend that depicts the positive impact football is having on the lives of the Poor and Needy, their Communities, and Country as a whole, is compelling enough for the pursuance of the Football Academy Concept.
  3. The significant presence of raw and natural football talents in the kids of Ghana.
  4. The seemingly overwhelming passion for football, and the tremendous interest in the sport by the youth of Ghana, makes it an attractive medium through which the above stated vision could be achieved.
  5. The progressively teeming population of unemployed youth in the country, and the attendant socio-economic challenges that this scenario poses for the development of the country and its people.
  6. The thriving force of the football industry worldwide which has created a wide diversity and significant volume of demand and search for football talents from around the world, especially third world Countries like Ghana, has increased the awareness and aspirations of the kids in football as a career path towards their socio-economic survival and development.
  7. Ghana’s rise to prominence in the world of football; resulting from the outstanding international performance of its national Football Teams at both the Amateur and Professional levels has created a high degree of awareness and popularity for the latter among the world’s most prestigious stakeholders like FIFA, CAF and UEFA. These bodies are as a result, shifting the focus of their Poverty Alleviation, and Full Literacy campaign programmes towards Ghana, through the game of football.
  • The Academy has also instituted an Academic Scholarship Support Programme (ASSP) for less privileged kids in the team. KRFC Academy provides various academic sponsorship packages for our players to enable them continue their Basic, Junior and Senior High education. The financing of this life-changing opportunity has been by the singular committed efforts of the club’s Founder, sole financier and through the grant support of Kotoku Plant wood Company Ltd.
  • KRFC Academy is a Club of the people and for the people of the Akyem communities. By our increasing and vibrant decisive qualifications, and emerging opportunities during major competitive leagues, the team is confident of the potentials of uniting the people as well as rally charitable resourceful support from relevant sources to assist KRFC Academy mission aimed at improving the lots of talented and vulnerable kids.
  • KRFC Academy has become a household name within Akim Oda area which is the base of the Club. Since 2008, KRFC Academy Juvenile players emerged from the three main generations U17,  U15 & U13, have brought laurels to their various schools where they are always selected to play during inter-schools games organized for various Senior and Junior High Schools by the National Sports Council and the Ghana Education Service within the Birim Central Municipal Assembly (BCMA).
  • In the same vein, KRFC senior team’s brisk qualifications from a Colts team into the National Division 1 League, and recent astounding scores emerging from friendly matches played with prominent Premiership teams like Ash Gold FC from Obuasi has also won the hearts of the supporters to patronize the Club’s matches of late.